We are 25 years old this year!

Started by Michael Lord, MB Coatings began life back in 1991 in the New Forest town of Lymington. Still here today our latest formulations for lacquers and activators are used across the whole of the UK by the motor industry’s top body shops. Our range has been extended to the consumer in the form of National Motor Products and through constant innovation we are striving to provide the best products, at the best prices, backed up by a personal tailored customer service. We look forward to another 25 years.

With best wishes,

Mark Lord,
Managing Director

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New Products Launch for summer 2016

Non-Acid Wheel Cleaner:
A fantastic new non-acidic caustic wheel cleaner made specially for Alloy Wheels. It also works well on stainless steel, chrome and wheels with damaged lacquer. This product’s cleaning action will lift brake dust and heavy grime. Just spray on, agitate with a brush or cloth and then clean off with water.
Available in 1L Ready-for-Use bottles. Or a 5L concentrate which requires dilution.

Water Repel (WP): This is a ready to use, water based treatment for all types of glass surfaces. Its hydrophobic properties actively repel water and protect against re-soiling. Suitable for glass windows, mirrors, conservatories and glass shower screens. (Afterwards, clean the glass surfaces with mild cleaning products only).

Available in 1 litre packs.



In the press : 14.01.2016

MB Celebrates 25 years in October

Look out for celebration offers and NEW PRODUCTS from MB Coatings coming up later in the year.

Press: 28.02.2013


Increase margins.

New markets and opportunities.

– 50% better value than “cheapest”lacquer kits when baked.

– Air-dry in half the time of conventional lacquer kits.

– IR dry panel in 3 minutes.

– IR dry Alloy wheel in 5 minutes.

– No loss of gloss, in actual fact an exceptional high gloss is obtained.

– Simple straight forward 2:1 mix.

– Easy to apply and easy to polish and rectify.

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MB Coatings sources the best quality, 'water-white' resins for all our clear coats to ensure there is no colour distortion when applying them over basecoats, whether they are solvent or water based.