MB is 25 years old this year!

Started by Michael Lord, MB Coatings began life back in 1991 in the New Forest town of Lymington. Still here today our latest formulations for lacquers and activators are used across the whole of the UK by the motor industry’s top body shops. Our range has been extended to the consumer in the form of National Motor Products and through constant innovation we are striving to provide the best products, at the best prices, backed up by a personal tailored customer service. We wish GT Coatings all the best for next 25 years.

With best wishes,

Mark Lord,
Managing Director

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2 New Fillers – 400 and the 420

MB Coatings has launched their 2 new Fillers – the 400 Universal and the 420 Lightweight.
Both offer good filling properties, with no shrinkage or pin-holing and good through curing and easy sanding qualities.
The Universal is as its name suggests, a general purpose body filler which sands to a superior smooth finish. The excellent build and finish is suitable for a broad range of bodyshops applications, with good adhesion to a multitude of surfaces (including un-primed metals) the Universal comes in 4.5KG or 700g sizes.
The Lightweight is a polyester filler with a creamy texture suitable for surfaces including ALUMINIUM. The formulation has produced a low density product with exceptional sanding properties and elasticity making it ideal for use on car roof. Also excellent stopper too. Available in the value 3.5L and 3L  pack size as well as the handy 1L and 500ml.

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MB Coatings sources the best quality, 'water-white' resins for all our clear coats to ensure there is no colour distortion when applying them over basecoats, whether they are solvent or water based.